Hello! I’m Nick, the voice and passion behind this site. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia, my professional path led me into law. While the intricate workings of the legal world captured my interest, it was a slightly unusual trait that gave birth to this website: my slight OCD for timeliness.

The legal realm taught me more than just the letter of the law. It illuminated the fundamental importance of time in our human interactions. It’s not just about being punctual; it’s about understanding how every ticking second can shape perceptions, dictate responses, and weave the intricate fabric of our communities. It’s about recognizing that our world operates on a clock, both literally and metaphorically.

While diving into historical calendar systems, I was struck by a revelation. Our ancestors viewed and valued time so differently. Their stories, built on their perceptions of time, were rich and layered, a stark contrast to our fast-paced modern world where time seems to be constantly slipping through our fingers.

This website, thus, was born out of a desire to bring to the forefront something we’ve pushed to the background. A mission to delve deep into existential concepts, especially time – something we now take for granted and scarcely ponder upon.

Through these pages, I aim to share knowledge about time – the history, the philosophy, and the sheer art of it. I hope to inspire you to pause, to think, and perhaps to view time not just as a relentless forward march but as the beautiful, complex tapestry of existence it truly is.

Join me in this journey of rediscovering and redefining time!

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